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An Acrostic Psalm

31 January 2023

As we encounter storms in life, health issues and flooding causing upset to many, be encouraged and rest in Him.

An Acrostic Psalm (inspired by psalm 111, an acrostic psalm in Hebrew)

Awake to your potential

Be filled with the Holy Spirit;

Come soul mates in the Lord

Delight in goodness,

Embrace the abundance

Found all around, for

God’s goodness is here,

Here in this small place and

In the vastness of all Creation.

Joy is ours, for

Kindness surrounds and

Love abounds.

May we live as God’s kin,

Never forgetting the

One who showed us how.

Pray with your heart,

Quiet your mind,

Reflect on Christ,

Stay strong in love,

Trust in truth,

Understand imperfection,

Validate life, seek

Wisdom from within, and

‘Xpand your soul to let the

Yeast of God’s goodness bring

Zest to those you encounter. Rosalie Sugrue


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