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Millenium Statement

23 April 2024


As we rake up the leaves and clean the guttering, as we look for our extra blankets and our warmer clothes, getting rid of the smell of the mothballs, we know that autumn is here, winter is not too far away.  A beautifully warm summer is now a lovely memory, we look forward to warming soups instead of fresh salads. 

The seasons come and go with a regularity that we have come to expect, but sometimes there are hiccups and the order changes, cyclones and hurricanes and droughts occur, people are devastated, some lose their lives, homes are destroyed, livelihoods are ruined.  Why? Why? Why? We ask. 

We are warned that our treatment of our planet earth is the culprit.  So, what do we need to do? What can one person do?

Well, here’s a suggestion: At the beginning of this the 21st centuary,  The Churches Together In England gave us The Millenium  Statement.  Let us re-read it and take it to heart.           

Let there be respect for the earth peace for its people love in our lives, delight in the good. Forgiveness for past wrongs and from now on, a new start.


May this be so!



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