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Word of Encouragement 30 May 2023

30 May 2023

Decolonizing Moana: Streams of life on the parched Earth

Water is important in creation and the Christian life. Our sacraments are centered around water. Streams of water and living waters, signifying God’s redeeming presence, transformed the desert experiences of our ancestors of faith. Today the life- giving water, the free gift of God to the entire community of creation has become a commodity with a price tag. Our waterways and moana are being destroyed by corporate forces. In the context of climate change we need to actively safeguard waterways as the source of life.

Prayer: Make us like a spring in the desert when the earth and people around us are parched. Remind us to manage our water carefully so that all may have enough to drink. (MCNZ Climate Justice Working Group Calendar 2020)

As we begin the church season of Pentecost may streams of living water flow from deep within us, to all those we meet. May you all be blessed this week!


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