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What exactly is an interruption?

23 January 2024

As I sat down to write these Words, I was undecided. What can I say to give encouragement to my friends this week?  Then I had two interruptions to my thought processes and, believe it or not, had a light bulb moment!  Well, here is the result of that moment:

What exactly is an interruption?  The Oxford Dictionary tells me that it is something that breaks the continuity of thought or action that a person is doing or saying. A break or interval of any kind.

My interruptions were not life changing, nor were they problematic.  Merely a break in my routine and my thought processes.  But they set me thinking as to what is important, my routine or the needs of others?

We can treat an interruption as an annoyance and become upset about the disruption to our routines, or we can think of it as a blessing, a time of re-assessment. – Asking ourselves, am I really doing the right thing here? 

We can become frustrated at time lost when we are busy, or we can accept that whatever caused the interruption was something important and needed attention. - This is important and maybe I should give it priority!

We can disregard it as nothing to spend time on, or we can wonder why it happened at that time.

I’m sure that Jesus had many interruptions in his ministry, and I’m just as sure that he took them all in his stride.  He didn’t let them frustrate him or annoy him, he accepted the interruptions and dealt with the problems as they arose. He probably didn’t think of them as problems either!  I’m thinking of the healing of the woman who’d been ill for so many years and the raising of Jairus’ daughter.  But we know there were other times too.

So maybe, just maybe, we need to welcome interruptions and look at the reasons behind them.  Perhaps God is speaking to us in those moments.  Let’s praise God for interruptions to our routine.


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