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Great I am Lyrics

20 February 2024

Morning by Joy Cowley 


God I am awake, this I

My eyes are open. 

My heart beats. My lungs work.

Here and now I have

this sacred gift of me

which is about to unwrap

a second gift, 

the gift of a bright new day.


I see the day before me, fresh,

untouched by yesterday

and free of tomorrow. 

Will it also become sacred

with my unwrapping?


God may I receive all of the gift

of this bright new day

without judgement or prejudice.

May my vision be clear enough

to see beauty in everything. 

May I greet each moment

in its uniqueness and say thank you

for opportunities to learn. 

And God, may I not forget to give

the child in me some space to sing

and dance with all the miracles

that announce your presence. 


If it so happens

that I am clumsy in the  unwrapping,

If I drop or break something, 

then remind me, God,

to be gentle with myself.


there will be another gift tomorrow. 



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