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Christmas Prayer

22 December 2024

Word of Encouragement for Christmas 2023

Christmas Prayer

As the sun rises daily to give light and life to the world, so you rise within our hearts & offer us everlasting life.

Praise God, that we see the same sun as those who are at war, those who are being persecuted and where death is common sight. Perhaps they do not see the sun rise or notice the heavenly glow from the sun above, but you are with them, you are their light, Lord Jesus. You are the light to those who do not know you, for those who do not know love and goodness.

Spotlight upon us all, grace, healing, compassion, forgiveness, righteousness and your justice. 

Be with us all, in this world, even those who may be sleeping, warm our spirits with the glow from above, the glow that the Christmas child brings to this world.  You give life in abundance to share this Christmas season and for evermore. Amen. 


Merry Christmas!!

 to one and all. May we know and celebrate the true reason for the season!




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