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Prayer of Commitment

16 May 2023

Prayer of Commitment

Lord I thank you that even though you know everything about me you still love me.

You know my thoughts my mistakes, my sins and yet you still call me your child. Your grace towards me is beyond comprehension. More than anything else I want to know you intimately and sense your presence in my life each day. If there is any part of me that I have kept from you, show me so that I can invite you to rule and reign there.

Come into me, Holy Spirit and revive my soul with rivers of living water, then flow out from me into a dry and thirsty world (John 7:38, 39). Help me to keep my eyes fixed on you instead of others (Hebrews 12:1,2)

Lord be my richest treasure always. Help me never to make an idol out of anyone or anything or allow possessions or the distractions of this world to get in front of you in any way.

You are my healer, my hope and my strength. When I need freedom, you are my deliverer. You are my shield from the enemy, my counsellor when I need guidance and my stronghold in the day of trouble (Psalm 32:7)

Truly you are the God of miracles. Work your miracles of grace in my life and keep changing me from day to day into your likeness (2 Corinth 3:18). In Jesus name I pray.

Amen. (The Word for Today 11 May 2023: Radio rhema )


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