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The Ocean

16 January 2024

The new year is well upon us and we thank God for His faithfulness, in what is to come in 2024. We are truly experiencing summer, and many are at the beach! Enjoy this poem.

The Ocean

Swimming in the surf, feeling the softness of the waves.


The sand gentle beneath my feet.

I listen to the loud deep sound of those waves.

And enjoy the beauty of the wild sea and the distant islands.

The sand hills  are covered with grasses and the air is warm.

The waves roll in, one after the other.

I feel close to God’s creation.


People ask why God isn’t there in their difficulties and troubles.

But God is there, continually coming again and again

Just like the waves,

To show deep love and compassion.


As I bounce around in the waves I can feel God’s gentle touch

and I know the Spirit is there for each of us.


Like the paths among the wild grasses and dark torn wind blown trees,

The path we walk will often be dark and full of danger.

But wherever we walk, God is walking with us,

Waiting to envelop us in love.


Our path will wind in places we won’t want to go.

But step on it we must if we are to grow to the fullness of this life.

And as we step we will be strengthened

And guided by the one who is our constant companion.

And we will know peace!   Vivienne Ball : Dipping into the Well


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