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23 May 2023

Three Words on Kindness:

The First: I have learned in the last few weeks the power of discussion. At the Methodist Refresh, the Hamilton East Parish presented our journey towards becoming a Green Church. I didn't think we had much to say, but in discussion, I found people encouraging, wanting to find out more, and having even more ideas. I changed my ideas, perhaps we expanded others' repertoire, perhaps even encouraged them to introduce change into their lives, and it was all civilised and kind.

The Second: That reminded me of that saying of Jacinda's: 1.Is it true? 2.Is it kind? 3.Is it useful? I tracked down a source for that gem: In ancient Greece (469 – 399 BC), Socrates already had the 'Test of Three'.

The Third:

In church meeting today, there was discussion on a topic that people might feel strongly about. Deep kindness was in action: the principle was role modelled that 'when you disagree, you can state what you believe, and give reasons, but you also need to listen to what the other believes and why'. Not as a token gesture: you need to want to know. It's not optional; it is an integrated system: give respect and get respect. Kindness as a crucial tool, not to destroy but to examine the truth


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