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Dear God

21 February 2023

Dear God,

We do not know where you are leading us. We do not even know what our next day, our next week or our next year holds for us.

Our minds are numb as we try to grasp The enormity of suffering being experienced by all those In Turkey, in Syria, in the Ukraine and here in our own country. We have felt safe and secure here, But now we know that tragedy can strike anywhere at any time. Open our hearts to the suffering of others, Give us the strength of purpose to serve in any way we can. Open our hands to give of ourselves knowing that In serving your children in love, we are serving you. As we travel on our Lenten journey help us to remember our sisters and brothers who have lost family, friends, homes, livelihoods and hope; and grant us your compassion so that we can maybe bring even a small piece of joy into the lives of these other members of your family.


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