We are a diverse group of young imperfect faith believers, that yearn to learn more about Christ, as well as to grow and follow Him. In this day and age we face challenges, our Youth group is a safe space for us to fellowship and to support one another - we welcome you to join us anytime!

Our Youth Leader is Des Jack (interesting fact: he has been our SJMY leader for the past 40+ years!!).  We are truly grateful to be lead by him and admire his dedication to our Youth group.

Our Co-Youth Leaders are 'Alilia Molitika, 'Amelia Takataka and 'Ofa Toduadua.

We meet up on a Friday night at 7.30 pm.  We have a private youth group Facebook page - that is where our youth updates are posted. 

We do bible study through devotions, real talk - life issues, have fun-laugh-dance-sing together, sports and get involved in our church as well as in the wider community! 



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On the 6th - 9th of February, William, Joanne, Jay, Maama and 'Amelia had attended the TYC conference 2020 in Waikanae. A Methodist Church of New Zealand youth conference for Tauiwi Youth Conference.  The group explored in depth what it means for a young person to be a R E M N A N T and remain faithful to Gods call.


For more info, check out this Mission Resourcing website and our TYTANZ Youtube TYC video clips!



"I NEVER lost my HOPE"

I never lost my hope,
I never lost my joy,
I never lost my faith,
But most of all, I never lost my praise 🙏

"Every PRAISE - is to our GOD"

Jamming after youth to

"Every praise is to our God" 🙏☝


Our Church 

"I  need you" 

Mate Ma'a Tonga & Toa Samoa - Service of Celebration. Interdenominational church service, led by Hamilton’s Tongan and Samoan Community Leaders. Claudelands Event Center, Hamilton, New Zealand. 5th November, 2017.

"I need you" is one of our youths' favorite song! this action song is very powerful. It was taught to our youth by 'Ofa and William Toduadua.  Our Youth group was involved in the Interdenominational church service (we had a mixture of youth in our item, that belong to different faiths and pacific heritage). Our items were lead by 'Amelia Takataka and the opportunity was present to us by Veitomoni Siufanga.

WAITOKO Sports Team