Sunday  22nd March | Worship 

 Giving is a Lifestyle


Call to Worship: 

To those who eagerly came to worship God,

You are welcome here.

To those who grumbled about coming,

You are welcome here

To those who are not sure why they are here,

You are welcome here

In the name of the one who loves and forgives us,

Thanks be to God.


Schifres: Mary & Beu:B.J The Abingdon Worship Manual 2019. 70. 


Psalm of the Day:

Psalm 24.

Prayer of Thanksgiving and Confession

Thank you, Loving God,

for your continual presence with your people near and far. 

Thank you, that despite being in a situation which can stretch us,

 Physically, mentally and spiritually in many ways,

you are with us.

You alone see what we do and when we ask, will guide us daily. 

You alone, see each one of us and know how we are feeling this day and every day. 


Thank you, that as the world responds in various ways to COVID 19,

 you give us the knowledge to do what is best. 

Thank you for all those working tirelessly for the sake of others, 

for our communities. 


We praise you for the wisdom and compassion of those in authority at all levels, Lord Jesus. 

We remember also that you have placed them in these positions.

We give thanks for all our leaders

and for all decisions that have been made within Aotearoa,

the Waikato Waiariki Synod and area.

Thank you for our parish, Hamilton East Methodist Parish, 

the small family that we are all a part of, here in Hamilton, Kirikiriroa.


 We are continually reminded Lord that you are the head of this church and all churches,

here in Hamilton, Waiariki and the Waikato. 

Thank you for the families that you have placed us in 

and the communities that we are a part of. 


Thank you Loving God ,

that even though we do not gather today,

there are ways and means of worshipping you, still, in spirit and in truth. 


Thank you for technology, for books that we haven’t looked at for a while,

that we can share over the phone with a friend and still worship you freely,

wherever we may be. 


We are reminded from your psalm today and from the readings, 

that everything belongs to you.

You are the Creator and Sustainer of all things. 


We thank you especially today for life, the life we have and the

privilege it is to know you as our creator and our friend.


Forgive us Heavenly Father for those things we have done and

continue to do against your will. 

We have hurt others, that we love and those we are unaware of, 

intentionally and unintentionally. 


We ask now for your forgiveness and that you be with us all. 

As we travel through this season of Lent, 

we remember your suffering, 

be with us in our weaknesses and our trials loving God. Thank You.


You are a forgiving God, you ask us to forgive, so that we will be forgiven. 

Be with us. 

Thank you for your grace, your love, your compassion and your endless mercy. 

In you alone do we trust and look to, this day and always. Amen.  


Prayer of Intercession: 

Eternal and ever-living God, thank you for last night’s sleep and thank you for today

Help us to waste none of today’s hours and to miss none of today’s opportunities.

Thank you for the gifts you have given us – individually and collectively –

and help us to use them to further your Kingdom here on earth.

Lord, guide and inspire our community, in all we do this week and beyond.

Lord we pray for all people who are in trouble and fear today:

Lord, surround those in need with your wisdom, your spirit, your healing and your life-giving peace.

Lord, you call us to follow in your footsteps.

Help us to know what this looks like in each situation where we find ourselves.

Help us to know when following you means washing the feet of others,

In times of restraint and physical distancing, when the body of Christ cannot

meet in one place, we gather through the Holy Spirit in our many different

places – house, apartment, room – and call out to you. 

Give courage and wisdom to national governments and local authorities to

enforce public health regulations for the welfare of all and increase efforts to

stop the spread of the virus that affects every human being. 

Breathe a spirit of love and self-discipline into your church that it continually

promote and protect regulations and restrictions for the well-being of all.

Strengthen our witness to embody examples of compassionate self-restraint.

God, have mercy! Heal the sick, strengthen the elderly and vulnerable, protect

all from the spread of COVID-19. 

God, have mercy! Support and protect all health care workers and all who serve

the sick and those at high risk of infection. We remember in particular refugees

and those serving them today. Reinforce all agencies that support public health.

Lord, in gratitude,

In deep gratitude for this moment, this place, this world

We give ourselves to you.

Take us out, to live as changed people,

because we have been touched by the living Lord, and cannot remain the same.

Ask much of us, expect much of us

Enable much by us, encourage many through us

Living Lord, accept our lives and accept our prayers this day and every day

You have the words of eternal life and in you we trust.