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5 December 2024

Reading today: My mother-in-law generously throws books my way that she thinks might be of interest. You may not be into quilting, but I thought Virginia Finlay-Wolfe's thoughts might be encouraging:

'...when I quilt, I am totally focused on the joy. A quilt is about being hugged, warmed, and comforted. I love that usefulness that a quilt can provide... I need to make, to be useful – a trait I learned growing up on that farm in Minnesota. You make, you create, you grow, you reap, you preserve, you cook, and you eat. So I make, I sew, I cut, I keep warm, and I give comfort. All these things lead to joy.

...My guess is that... some of those [quilt-making] stories remain untold.. Journeys – from farm to grandparents' home; small town to the big city; the many joys of childhood and carefree times at grandmother's house; being taught to make, sew, build, garden and create. Happy times – Christmas, family, friends. Emotions, thoughts, and decisions – joy, sorrow, pain, love, disappointment, elation, enthusiasm, idealism, being practical, doors opening, paths taken, choices made, surprises, success and failure. All these things make up a life.'

The things of our life are remembered: But he knows the way that I take; when he has tested me, I will come forth as gold. Job 23:1


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