SUN 22 Aug 2021

Call to Worship

How Lovely is your House. 

How lovely Is your house, amazing God!

I want nothing more than to live close to you

Just like the sparrow builds a nest for her chicks,

You make your home in our hearts. 

We love to know that you are with us 

We will sing your praise!

We get stronger because you are in us

We will know your ways by heart. 

You see us every day and you hear us when we pray

We will go from strength to strength.

Just one day knowing you are near

Is better than a thousand days without you.

Like the warm sunshine

You pour your love into our lives.

You bless us with all good things

When we turn to you and trust you. 

How lovely is your house, amazing God.

I want nothing more than to live close to you. 

Psalm 84:, Let’s say a psalm, Silvia Purdie.

SONG: How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place (Psalm 84)

We hear the

Word of God:

1 Kings 8:22-30, 41-43

Ephesians 6:18- 2

John 6:56- 69

SONG: I am the Way, the Truth and the Life


Communicate, Collaborate

& ConnexioN

Rev. Alisa Lasi

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Praise your name this new morning Lord God. 

Whether we are in lockdown level 4 or level 3 ,

You are still with us every step of the way. 

Thank you that you have given us the scriptures from which we hear the stories of the past,

The traditions of the past, 

Yet we are here today to live out our own story with you. 

Thank you for the families you have blessed us with, for those we are close to and the not so close family members.

Thank you that we can worship you wherever we are. 

Thank you, Lord God, for this opportunity to come together as your church in lockdown, to worship you this day. 

We thank you that our bodies, are temples of your Holy Spirit to be looked after. 

Continue to be with us as we worship you this day,

May we remember that nothing can ever separate your love or you from us.


SONG: What a Friend We Have in Jesus  

Prayer of Confession 

Generous Compassionate God. 

You call us to live in peace with one another,

Sharing the good gifts  you give us

With all of your creation. 

Yet we hang on tightly to our possessions,

Fearing that we will not have enough.

You call us to remember that we are one in christ,

And to treat one another with love and respect. 

Still we argue over little things,

Expecting you to tell us we are right

And that others are wrong.

You call us to rely on you,

and to put our trust in your eternal love

Forgive us when we turn away from you.

Abingdon Worship Annual 2019 p173

Words of Assurance

God has promised to fill us with good things,

To satisfy our hunger and thirst with love and grace. 

In the name of Christ, you are forgiven. 

In the name of Christ, you are forgiven. 

Glory to God. Amen.

Abingdon Worship Annual 2019 p173

 SONG: Spirit of God in the Clear Running Water

A responsive prayer

of intercession

Within our darkest night,

Let your light shine.


God of all creation, you hold the depths of the

earth in your hands.
You are closer to us than the air we breathe.
Fill our souls with your wonderful love and light.
Give us strength and courage to reflect that love 

and light in the world.

Let us never shrink back from who we are in you

or hide our light inside ourselves.

Renew in us a sense of joy,
painting the dark shadows around us with your light,

your love and your salvation.
Hear us today as we pray for a world too often

darkened by hatred, evil, power and greed.
Within our darkest night, Let your light shine.


God of power and might, your broken world cries out

from the depths,
a world dominated by the darkness of war,

terror, pain and suffering.
We think of the on-going and deepening conflict in

[Syria and the middle East].
We share the pain and anguish of those who have

had to flee from their homes,
countries and livelihoods, who risk their lives,
desperate for a new start free from fear and war.
May they see your light, feel your strength and power
and know the truth of your promise
that we shall not be overcome by the dark shadows of life
or the darkness of human nature.
Within our darkest night, Let your light shine.

God of compassion and grace, we share with you '

our love and concern
for people in a dark place today.
We have on our hearts the friends and loved

ones of the victims of violence and hatred.
We pray that they will find your strength
in the compassion and love of those around them.
We pray for tolerance in our society.
We pray for all Muslims suffering from

Anti-Islamic hate crimes.
Let your light shine through the darkness of all

their pain and their suffering.
Within our darkest night, Let your light shine.


God of life, we ask for your healing power
on those who are enduring pain and illness.
We especially think of ………………………

all those we name quietly in our hearts……………………
We share the grief of people close to us,

who’ve recently lost loved ones.
We especially think of ………………………………………………………
We remember that as we weep with the grieving,
we embrace the joy of ……………….
We know your everlasting light shines with us,
in moments of great sadness and great joy.
Within our darkest night,  Let your light shine.


God of love and hope,
Renew in us a deeper sense of who we are in you.
Help us to be aware of your presence each and every day.
Make us instruments of love and praise.
May our words, actions, and lives be living examples
of your forgiving, healing, life-giving love.