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How you can donate and help OUR Church

After the Christchurch earthquakes new regulations came into effect regarding the strength of buildings and their ability to withstand a good shake. Our old church building did not meet the required standards and we made a decision to tear it down and build a new one.


July 2014 saw the building come down and we started the rebuild process. This included finding an architect and a building design we felt would meet our needs. Once this was done all the permissions had to be granted and the church embarked on a fundraising frenzy – our goal: to have a new building debt free!


A fundraising committee was appointed and they set to work. As a parish we have worked hard but also had a lot of fun together as we have laboured with a common goal – a new place of worship.


We have worn hats, slippers, Christmas decorations and flowers to church and paid for the privilege. We have brought fruit and vegetables from our gardens and asked for a donation in return for feasting on them. We have been challenged at a quiz and entertained at a concert. We have pulled off a fantastic Church Fare and feasted at a mid-July Christmas dinner.


And whilst this is still a work in progress, we believe we have achieved our goals. Together with generous donations from the Tidd foundation and the Hamilton Methodist Trust our building will open later this year with no debt.


Many people have worked very hard to make this happen – well done and thank you!

ways you can donate:



You can come into the office at St John's Methodist. Weekday's from 9am - 1pm.



Office Administrator: Doreen Lennox

Email: hameastmeth@xtra.co.nz 


If you would like to donate online please email us for more information.