SUN 12 SEPT 2021


Humanity Sunday, within the Creation month of September  

Provides an opportunity to remind all  that we as humans are, in fact, part of God’s Creation—not separate from or over and above it. Yet the species, forests, arctic ice, and island nations that are disappearing in our lifetimes are all evidence that we have

neglected and violated our vocation as Earth’s caretakers.

We also take this time to remember our connection with all humanity , though we are from different ethnic socio economic backgrounds  we are all created in Gods image.


Call to Worship

Peoples from every corner of creation

Celebrate with all creatures on Earth!

Young and old across the planet,

Rejoice in the day that God has made!

Indigenous peoples of every land,

Help us sense the spirit deep in each land!

Peoples of all colours and every shade,

Celebrate with us the richness of creation!

All humanity on Planet Earth,

Praise God for our planet home.

Sing, peoples, sing!

Sing, creation, sing!



May God who established the dance of creation, Who marveled at the lilies of the field, Who transforms chaos to order, Lead us to transform our lives and the Church To reflect God’s glory in creation.  PCC seasons of creation