Sunday    10th May  | Sermon


Mothers Day Sermon  : Nurturing  Protection  and  Connection 

Bible Reading : Psalm 139 : 13 -18 

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These three words tie us to our mothers. Before we physically enter this world we spend up to 9 months within the womb of our mothers. 

We hear from psalm 139 that there is nowhere that you and I can go, to escape from The Lord.
God sees everything that you and I do, the good and the undesirable. David notes in the psalm that even with in our Mother’s womb, while we are being formed, God is there, creating us. 
The mother’s womb is a sacred place where new life is nurtured protected and grows connected to the outside world through the life of the mother. God is there. Some of you new mothers have just recently come through childbirth. God was there with you…. I remember being at my sisters first childbirth, I was single not so young but I was there, with her then husband. I will never forget that experience all I could say was Praise God! Suddenly among the groans and pushing , he was there, this young baby boy. When my nephew was born it was truly a God moment for me. I was in awe at how such a wonderful thing could happen and it was truly a privilege for me to be present. A child, right before my eyes a human being straight from the womb. A blessing, a miracle from above.  

It was the birth day of my nephew, however lots had happened before, to reach the stage, of a new life born into this world. The child/ foetus was protected nurtured and connected to a mother while being formed. The womb was the place that this all happened.  

What an amazing and intricate process, when we are cared for and knitted together in our mother’s womb. We don’t usually think about it do we. But God chose the womb of a woman for this amazing miracle to take place. 

In the womb, the foetus grows for any length of time up to 9 months before actually being born. Sadly, there are times when our inner being is not born, through no fault of the mother. 
Mother and child are one, whatever the mother eats the child will receive, what the mother experiences or journeys through in life, the child can be susceptible to as well. The bonding starts there…… As a preborn child we are totally dependent on our mothers. We are totally in our mother’s hands. If mum chooses to care for baby, baby is cared for.  If mum doesn’t care for us and for whatever reason neglects the inner being within, it could be detrimental and there may be repercussions. So, reaching the birth stage is a miracle in itself.   

This is the way that God meant for it to happen. So really the mother and the child that she carries for 9 months are already closely connected when the child is born into the world.  
Mothers have an added connection to the child, that physical connection of carrying the child for up to 9 months. In my mind this sets the female apart from the male, in terms of parenting. Yes, Dads too can have wonderful relationship with their children and I ‘m not saying that they don’t. 
I recall when our children were young, one went into our room took a souvenir unbeknown to myself , that I had been saving for all our children to remember the town of Paeroa, where we were living at that time. 

I was really surprised to hear my husband say while growling the child, “your mother carried you for 9 months and ……. You have done this”….. It was a shock to hear him say that, why because I never really thought about it like that and the fact that he mentioned it, did he re call that or was it to make the growling more meaningful?( as if the child would remember). But he did say it.

Motherhood, just carries on as life does, until we pause and are made to think about it. Motherhood too can be just a motion that happens and that we don’t really come to appreciate. 
David reminds us that God created each one of us in our mother’s womb. Just as God created the child or you and I, God also cares for the mother.  Mothers too can also make their own choices. 
“You knit me together in my mother’s womb” , wow “you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” If you are sitting with your mother there now, give her a hug, give any female beside you a hug. Can you believe that God loves us all so much, he knitted you and I together within our mother’s body. 
It was God who initiated a mothers Love. God is aware of the special nurturing protection and connection that mothers have at the beginning of every life. It is God’s doing. Look at what we as mothers do today? I’m sure we all know the things that mother’s do. Is there anything we don’t do?  (video clip Moms Song)  

From the bible, the woman at the well, the first evangelist, who went back to her village and told them about Jesus. On Easter Morning, the first witnesses to see the resurrected Jesus were women. The woman also, has a significant role in bringing every human life into this world. Isn’t that amazing?
So mothers, women, females take note, now. We all have a special role to play wherever you are, at school, work in the family, in your bubble, in the church, in the community. The reknown Arch Bishop Rev Desmond Tutu said. “If we are going to see real development in this world then our best investment is in women.” 
Today we acknowledge our mums, your mums, you mothers whether living or not, knowing that their nurturing love and protection during those first months, continues on to  babies, toddlers children, teens and adults. Mothers become grandparents and procreation carries on through her children down to the next generation…..
A Mothers Love, when I was about eleven, I remember reading a story titled, A Mothers Love. What I recall is a mother who had just come out of their burning house with her 2 children. Her baby was still inside, and she pushed past the fire fighter and went in to save her baby. This Mother was willing to sacrifice her life to save her baby. 

During this COVID19 Pandemic many all over the world are laying their lives down to save lives of others. Sadly many have died doing this.    
In this Easter season, we remember what God did for us so that we can have eternal life. God sent his son to die for each one of us. Our sins have been accounted for. Jesus Resurrection is a miracle and represents victory to remind us that God’s Love is greater than death.
My mother who is deaf, always signs, “ God is Love.”(show)
Thank you God, for your agape love, shown through a mother. Your love embraces grace, forgiveness and mercy. You are Love. 
Thank you, Mothers for your love that has nurtured us and many others over the years. You have protected us, you cheer us on through life, you teach us how to grow into women of God. You are there when we need you. 

There will always be a psychological and physical bond between mothers and their children, a bond also between mothers who have cared for others as their own. That mothering role. 
That bond is idealised as reality in our relationship with our Creator God. There are times in life when we as mothers, people, need protection, nurturing love and to be connected to the divine, as we live life.  Jesus Christ is the only way to the truth and to abundant life.  Abundant life, doesn’t exist until we know Jesus.

When Jesus appeared to his disciples after his resurrection, after saying “peace be with you” he said “Receive the Holy Spirit. “ 

May we all receive the Holy Spirit of God this Mother’s Day. 
May all mothers everywhere be blessed by God, this day and always Happy Mother’s Day, All.


Rev.Alisa Lasi 

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