SUNday 26 SEPTember 2021

Mountain sunday

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Mountain refers to the all the mountains on our planet, near our homes and beneath the ocean. This domain includes the various creatures that inhabit the mountains, especially the wild worlds and strange life-forms that fascinate us and celebrate life with us. Mountains are not domains to be conquered, but to be enjoyed, preserved and explored as wondrous worlds of creation.


Call to worship

We invite the mountains to worship with us:

mighty boulders and deep forests, sliding glaciers and swirling snow.

We invite the wild to join us in wonder:

 gliding eagles and rock wallabies, mysterious moths and magic mushrooms.

We join with the mountain creatures in praising God:

leaping trout and crawling creatures, exotic orchids and honey bees.

We call the depths of the mountains to celebrate:

 precious gems and sparkling stones, volcanic lava and rich red ore.

 We enter the mountain of God today:

 and we worship in God’s presence, a sacred place on our planet.

We celebrate the song of the mountain!

Sing! Mountain! Sing!

Hymn: All things Bright and Beautiful - click here

Time with the Young People


Prayer of the Day

We believe Father God that you are the creator of the heavens and the earth.

You have created human beings

in your image to look after

and be stewards of that very creation,

the acts of thy mighty hands.


 All of creation obeys your loving voice

 and worship thy heavenly throne in their action and purpose.

 From the rising of the sun to its setting,

 the rising of the tides to its going back,

 even the singing of the birds, is to worship your holy name. 


We are thankful therefore for all the things that you have made.

In one way or another,

we are connected to non-humans and vice versa,

in the way that we are connected to you, Lord.


We are thankful for your creation,

for it supports our every need and may your name

be praised now and forever.


We do confess that we are sinners.

We have abused your creation and we have used it to support

our lust and our desires.

We use your creation for profits, without having returned the favour to sustain your creation so that it can continue to support us.

Species of many kinds have been extinct due to our evil doings.

We therefore ask for your forgiveness.

May the gracious blood of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

cleanse our evil hearts and create new life in us

so that we can give life to your creation

rather than destroying it.


 We pray O Lord to continue to support your creation,

 continue to make it alive, for our lives depend on it.

We pray, so you can open the eyes of the ignorant

to help them realize that we are a part of the environment

and not apart from it.

Keep our connection with our environment.

Although our planet may be diverse in the sense that we have our own identities and culture, deep down we are all in relation.

 So help us sustain this relationship and help us do our part.

We are aware of the contributions of the plants and animals

 to our lives and there is nothing we can do without the importance of every life in your creation.


Help us see your creation as your foot-stool

and the sanctuary in which you dwell.

 These are our prayers Lord with the many silent prayers in our hearts we offer them to you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Amen. 


Susana Lefaoseu - Methodist Church of Samoa.PCC

Scripture Readings:  Isaiah 65:17-25, Psalm 48, Romans 8:28-39. 

Song :These Hills where the Hawk Flies Lonely: Colin Gibson. Click here 


I acknowledge the sad passing of Colin Gibson’s wife Jeanette Gibson last week in Christchurch. Please pray for the family and for all we know who have lost loved ones of late.

Blessing: May the Spirit of God blowing from the mountains,
fill you with the knowledge of God’s presence in Earth
and with the pulsing of Christ within you. Go in peace! Serving Christ and loving Earth!

We go in peace, serving Christ and loving our home.