Month oFebruary  2021 

Words of Encouragement: Feb 2nd - 7th 


The second month of the year has begun. To God be the glory. 
The nation celebrates (some events cancelled) and recognises Waitangi Day  6th February. We praise God for this bicultural nation, church and parish. We also praise God for our multicultural nation, church and multicultural parish.  
An extract from Dave Mann:  Hope Project NZ
Are we bicultural - or multicultural?
How about the idea that we are both concurrently!
•    ‘Bicultural’ – is our constitutional identity, affecting protocol in formal gatherings, and in greetings, laws and language.
•    ‘Multicultural’ – is our daily relational reality, with sensitivity to each individual being appropriate.
Consider: This is no different to the way some might say we are a ‘Christian’ nation and a 'multi-religious' nation - concurrently!
•    We are Christian' - in the sense that it is this faith's values that we very clearly embraced together early in our bicultural journey (though Maori leadership was shamefully absent in the first Parliament).
•    But we are concurrently ‘multi-religious’ - because our Christian heritage affirms the freedom of the will. Various of our forebears affirm together that we would esteem the freedom of religion (e.g. Pompellier, Anglican Missionaries, Maori, Hobson and others did this in discussions at the signing of Te Tiriti o Waitangi).
In both cases (bicultural / multicultural and Christian / multi-religious), the former could rightly affect public gatherings and protocols, while the latter is about giving common grace, showing appropriate sensitivity to all people.  
Food for thought. ……… more information available Hope project NZ. 
Be encouraged, we are part of a great nation, serving a great God.  
May you be blessed this week. 
Alisa and the pastoral Care Team. 


Alisa & the Pastoral Care Team.

  Parish Prayer Points for the month                               Feb  2021.
              Wednesday & Friday: 

If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear them from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 2 Chron 7:14

•   gospel of Jesus Christ to live and share.
•   Vaccine for the Corona virus.
•     Freedom in living life with the Lord. 
•   Schools/ work has started back for 2021
•    Families friends & colleagues
•    Country of Aotearoa /NZ that we live in.
•    Protection of Brass Band during the festive season/activites.

Prayer Requests:                  
•  Bless and guide our Church President & Vice president as they lead our church. Rev Andrew Doubleday & Edwin Talakai
•  All those with new & ongoing health issues
• Essential workers throughout the world as the pandemic continues.
•    Bless the Ham East Meth. church parish council. Wisdom and Discernment. 
•    Bless the lonely in Hamilton. 
•  comfort for all those who have lost loved ones, including those       lost from the coronavirus    . 
•  Wesley Church project; Wisdom discernment
•    Prime Minister Jacinda Adern and the cabinet as they lead our country 

•  May we be mindful of persecuted Christians all over the world.
•    Those recovering from Cyclone Yasa and all the appeals that are running. 
•    We draw closer to you, as we go through Lent.
•    All those suffering from job and business loss, opportunities.
•    Homeless, hungry and abused here in Hamilton city
•    Bless the new Superintendency team for the Waikato Wairiki synod. Rev Alison Molineaux, Margaret Birtles and Viv Whimster, 


Thank you 
to you who choose to pray, our prayer
warriors. We will continue to meet at the throne of grace. 


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