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Hamilton East Methodist Parish


Project Kaitiakitanga

The tree represents creation. Kaitiakitanga is stewardship/caring & protecting creation. A fundraiser with a climate justice ethos.

 To clothe the tree with leaves we must pledge donate give 50.00.


With every $50.00 , one leaf will be added to the empty tree.


You are invited to write one action you are going to do this  month to care for creation or show that you are a steward of creation.  So in fact you are giving to the church, but also doing something more to care for creation in September & October. 


To donate contact the office - ph. 07 856 3940 or email:


Your written acts of caring will be added to the soil , as they are supporting the tree to grow.

There are 2 trees as we have 2 plants or venues. There will be 3different types of leaves depending on  which congregation you are a part of.   

  • fern  : St Johns morning

  • hibiscus flower : Wesley

  • palm leaf:  St Johns afternoon 

Hopefully by the end of October we will have a tree full of leaves and flowers. Let’s do this!!!

Hamilton East Methodist Parish.

The fundraising committee

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